Automatic washing gel

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Automatic washing gel

“Automatic washing gel” likely refers to a type of laundry detergent formulated in a gel or liquid form that is designed to be used in washing machines for automatic laundry cycles. These gels are used in place of traditional powdered or liquid detergents and are added directly to the washing machine’s detergent compartment.

Automatic washing gels offer several advantages:

  1. Easy Dispensing: The gel form is easy to pour or dispense into the machine’s detergent dispenser, reducing the risk of spills or over-pouring.
  2. Dissolves Easily: The gel quickly dissolves in water, ensuring even distribution and efficient cleaning.
  3. Concentration: Gels often come in concentrated forms, requiring less product for each load.
  4. No Residue: Automatic washing gels usually leave less residue on clothes compared to some powdered detergents.
  5. Pre-measured: Some gels come in pre-measured packets or pods, simplifying the laundry process further.

It’s worth noting that specific brands may have their own unique names for their automatic washing gels. If “Maxell Magic” is a brand or product related to automatic washing gel that has emerged after September 2021, I would recommend checking the official website or reputable retailers for detailed information on its features and usage instructions.


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