Carrefour offers until 13 February 2024

Carrefour offers until 13 February 2024

Carrefour offers until 13 February 2024

Carrefour’s offers during the blessed month of Ramadan are considered a unique opportunity for consumers to meet their needs and prepare their homes for this holy month. Therefore, Carrefour offers special deals during this time on a wide range of products including groceries, cleaning supplies, and personal essentials. The offers vary between price reductions, gift packages, and discounts on large quantities, aiming to support shoppers in saving more and facilitating the procurement of their needs during this noble month. Additionally, Carrefour branches strive to provide excellent service and a positive shopping experience for their customers during the preparation and throughout the month of Ramadan.

Carrefour branches offer many promotions during this blessed month, and some of the best offers include:

  • Carrefour branches offer a promotion on Domty fridge cheese for 110 pounds instead of 140 pounds.
  • They also provide a deal on Domty Mozzarella cheese half a kilogram for 105 pounds instead of 130 pounds.
  • Additionally, they offer a discount on Almarai milk for 58 pounds instead of 105 pounds.
  • Offers on a box of Domty cheese, 700 grams, for 85 pounds instead of 72 pounds.
  • They also provide deals on Aubor cheese, half a kilogram, for 33 pounds instead of 38 pounds.

A Ramadan bag for seventy-five pounds at Carrefour

Carrefour branches offer a variety of promotions and discounts at nominal prices for everyone, including the following prominent offers in a Ramadan bag priced at 75 pounds, consisting of:

  • Sugar is priced at 8 pounds per kilogram.
  • The price of fava beans for half a kilogram is 15 pounds.
  • A 700ml bottle of oil is priced at 14 pounds.
  • A 400-gram bag of pasta is priced at 7 pounds.
  • Vegetable ghee in a 1.25-kilogram pack costs 13 pounds.
  • A quarter-kilogram bag of beans is priced at 5 pounds.
  • A quarter-kilogram can of tomato sauce costs 4 pounds.

Offers on Yamish products

Carrefour showroom offers a variety of promotions on Ramadan Yamish, with some of the key offers as follows:

  • A discount on ground carob for 22 pounds instead of 30 pounds.
  • Also, a discount on raisins for 25 pounds instead of 35 pounds.
  • Additionally, there’s an offer on coconut for 35 pounds instead of 45 pounds.
  • Carrefour branches offer a discount on ground dates for 80 pounds instead of 95 pounds.



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