The concept of “HARD-DISCOUNT” in BIM

promotions at BIM Market on 8 January 2024
promotions at BIM Market on 8 January 2024

The concept of “HARD-DISCOUNT” in BIM

BIM, the joint-stock company, operates on the principle of reducing operational costs to the minimum level and passing on these savings to customers in the form of price reductions. Considered the primary representative of the high discount model, BIM adopts the concept of significant discounts based on three key elements:

  1. Accelerating Decision-Making Stages:
    • Implementation involves creating a dynamic logistical and informational network through its decentralized organizational structure between stores and agents to expedite decision-making processes.
  2. Avoidance of Expenditures Impacting Price Hikes:
    • Steering clear of expenses contributing to price increases, such as minimizing administrative costs, branch decoration, labor costs, distribution, marketing, and advertising expenses.
  3. Effective Quality Control and Value Delivery:
    • Emphasizing top-level quality control and delivering products to consumers at the best possible prices by limiting the number of products to approximately 600, ensuring competitiveness.

BIM, being the largest purchaser in Turkey for the products it sells, encourages suppliers to produce at lower costs while maintaining high quality. This approach stimulates suppliers to offer high-quality products at the most competitive prices.

BIM adopts a detailed and precise retail management concerning product selection and pricing. Products displayed in branches are chosen to meet approximately 80% of daily family needs.

Titles that summarize Beam’s service philosophy

  1. Consumer Interest Takes Precedence:
    • The consumer’s interest is prioritized over short-term profit for BIM.
  2. Offering Premium Products at Affordable Prices:
    • BIM presents the finest products at the most reasonable prices.
  3. No-Nonsense Product Returns:
    • BIM returns products that do not meet consumer satisfaction without unnecessary discussions.
  4. Special Focus on High-Quality Production for Customers:
    • BIM specializes in producing high-quality products specifically for its customers.
  5. Customers Pay for the Product, Not the Packaging:
    • BIM customers pay for the product itself, not for the packaging or brand.
  6. Products Presented in Parcels to Avoid Unnecessary Costs:
    • BIM displays products in parcels to avoid unnecessary costs.
  7. Branch Rentals at Convenient and Affordable Locations:
    • BIM rents branches at the closest points to its customers and at the most reasonable prices.
  8. Avoiding Excessive Advertising Expenses that Inflate Product Prices:
    • BIM avoids excessive advertising expenses that could raise product prices.
  9. Simple Decorations with Minimal Costs in BIM Branches:
    • Decorations in BIM branches are designed in the simplest way possible to minimize costs.
  10. Adequate Staffing for Efficient Service:
    • BIM ensures sufficient staffing to provide satisfactory service.


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