Carrefour offers for the month of November 2023 in Egypt reach up to 50% off on all products and goods


Carrefour offers for the month of November 2023 in Egypt reach up to 50% off on all products and goods

As November approaches, all stores, supermarkets, and leading brands begin to roll out fantastic offers and discounts to attract a large number of customers. With Black Friday approaching, people are curious about the best deals that Carrefour, with its branches spread across all provinces in Egypt, will offer. This strategy has become widely adopted to attract customers without the need for extensive advertising campaigns, which can be costly. Therefore, owners of these stores often resort to offering promotions on their products. To discover the best deals and discounts, stay tuned with me

What are Carrefour’s offers for November 2023

As November approaches, people increasingly begin searching for the offers that Carrefour, as one of the prominent stores in Egypt, will provide. With customers and clients everywhere, it is known for its dazzling promotions, discounted prices, and high-quality products. To discover these offers, follow along with me.

Here, you will find some of the best products that Carrefour has announced discounts on, as follows:

  • Heinz Mayonnaise 310g at the price of 69.95 instead of 82.95 Egyptian pounds.
  • Crystal Sunflower Oil 2.2 liters priced at 143.95 instead of 159.95 Egyptian pounds.
  • Al Mezan Tahini 460g at the price of 79.95 pounds instead of 89.95 pounds.
  • Halwani Jam 380g priced at 23.95 pounds instead of 30.39 pounds.
  • Harvest Fava Beans Paste 400g priced at 21.95 instead of 29.95 Egyptian pounds.
  • Almarai Beef Frank 25 pieces priced at 134.95 instead of 169.95 Egyptian pounds.
  • Almarai Beef Burger 25 pieces priced at 82.95 pounds instead of 134.95 pounds.

Carrefour Egypt has announced many more offers. To learn more about these promotions, visit the nearest branch to you


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