Great discounts and offers at Kazyon today| Sunday| on all goods and products

Great discounts and offers at Kazyon today
Great discounts and offers at Kazyon today

Great discounts and offers at Kazyon today, Sunday, on all goods and products

If you want to boost sales on particular items or create an advertisement that appeals to customers from all around, the strategy is to introduce substantial discounts and drastically lower prices. This is precisely what Super Kazyon Market does, having opened its doors in 2014. Every Monday and Tuesday, the market rolls out extensive discounts on a wide range of products to attract customers. Consequently, the establishment attracts patrons from various locations, all thanks to the discounts implemented by Kazyon. Keep reading for further details on the top-notch offers

Kazyon offers today Sunday 5 November 2023

Kazyon Market is well-known for its frequent promotions and discounts on a wide range of products, aiming to attract customers. These offers are available across its branches, which are spread throughout Egypt’s provinces, surpassing 400 locations. The dissemination of these promotions occurs through Kazyon’s dedicated social media platforms, with a particular emphasis on Mondays and Tuesdays. The products from Kazyon Market are recognized for their affordability and high quality. Notable among the current promotions are:

  • Joud France Sweet Chili 200g, now priced at 18.45 instead of 21.95 Egyptian pounds.
  • Corn oil bottle, available at 62.95 Egyptian pounds instead of the regular 75 pounds.
  • One kilogram of Basmati rice offered at 49.75 Egyptian pounds, down from the original 54.95 pounds.
  • LMTNA 400g pasta bag on promotion for 7.95 Egyptian pounds, reduced from 9.75 pounds.
  • New Zealand natural ghee, 700g, discounted to 128.75 from the usual 134.95 Egyptian pounds.

And there are numerous offers provided by Kazyon Market at all its branches. You can inquire about them by visiting the nearest branch or checking the official Kazyon Market website


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