Carrefour offers until 27 February 2024

Carrefour offers until 27 February 2024

Many major retail stores offer promotions on products, helping citizens to obtain essential items, whether food or electrical appliances, and much more at the lowest prices. However, Carrefour’s magazine remains the top choice for many customers, as they flock in large numbers to get what they need. This is because all the necessities are provided at lower prices compared to other stores and hypermarkets. Below are some of the discounts and offers.

Carrefour offers until 27 February 2024

Carrefour offers for February 2024 showcase remarkable deals, despite the price hikes. Here are the highlights of these offers:

  • Discounts on food products reach up to nearly seventy percent.
  • Various electrical appliances are available with discounts of up to seventy-five percent.
  • As for household tools and kitchen utensils, discounts reach around twenty-six percent.
  • Additionally, you can also find fresh food items on offer.

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Carrefour has recently celebrated its anniversary, offering numerous discounts on electrical appliances. Here are some of the current discounts:

  • Get a 43-inch Jack display screen for only 10,200.
  • Obtain a 42-inch Fresh display screen for only 10,500.
  • Acquire an LG washing machine with an 8kg capacity for only 26,290.
  • Grab a 4-liter Tornado brand kettle for only 5,000.
  • Purchase a 58-inch Samsung Smart display screen for only 19,999 pounds.

Carrefour offers on items commonly placed in Ramadan bags include the following

  • You can get a 700ml bottle of oil for only 24 pounds.
  • You can obtain a 400-gram bag of pasta for only 27 pounds.
  • You can acquire a kilogram of rice for only 9 pounds.
  • You can get half a kilogram of beans for only 15 pounds.
  • You can purchase a kilogram of sugar for only 8 pounds.
  • You can obtain a 650-gram pack of ghee for only 13 pounds.


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