Great savings and many blessings

A great savings and many blessings

Great savings and many blessings | Carrefour offers for the month of February 2024 with massive discounts and substantial reductions from today until 13th February

Carrefour is gearing up to introduce its February 2024 offers, continuing to surprise its customers with the strongest discounts and exclusive deals on groceries, pantry items, and cleaning products in preparation for the Ramadan month of 2024. Carrefour aims to meet the needs of its customers by providing the best products at the best prices in Egypt. The new Carrefour offer starts today and lasts until February 13, 2024, featuring exclusive discounts of up to 50% on Ramadan essentials. Carrefour’s offers vary, including savings on all Ramadan necessities such as food items, fresh products, meat, dairy, and cleaning supplies, as well as Ramadan special products


Carrefour offers its customers the grandest promotions and discounts during the month of February, as follows:

  • On food items, discounts can reach up to 70%.
  • On sugar, rice, oil, and ghee, discounts can reach up to 80%.
  • On electrical appliances, discounts can go up to 75%.
  • Household tools, aluminum, planes, pressure cookers, ceramic, and granite cookware have discounts of up to 26%.
  • On fruits and vegetables, the discount reaches 20%.
  • On screens and electrical devices, the estimated discount is around 31%.

Electrical appliances

On a Fresh 42-inch Smart TV priced at 10,499 Egyptian Pounds. On a Jall 42-inch Smart TV available for 10,199 Egyptian Pounds. For an LG 55-inch Smart TV, the cost is 22,199 Egyptian Pounds. Samsung 58-inch Smart TV is offered at 19,999 Egyptian Pounds. LG 56-inch Smart TV is priced at 27,699 Egyptian Pounds.

Special offer on an LG 9kg automatic washing machine for 27,290 Egyptian Pounds. White Point top-loading automatic washing machine with an 8kg capacity is priced at 9,699 Egyptian Pounds.

Refrigerator deals include a 329-liter Fresh NoFrost refrigerator for 22,350 Egyptian Pounds. Union Air refrigerator with a 420-liter NoFrost capacity is available for 23,999 Egyptian Pounds.

Union Air five-burner gas stove is priced at 10,499 Egyptian Pounds.

A Ramadan bag for 75 Egyptian Pounds

We present to you the components of the Ramadan bag priced at 75 Egyptian Pounds, provided by Carrefour, and consisting of the following:

  • A 700ml bottle of frying oil for 14 pounds.
  • A 400-gram bag of macaroni priced at 7 pounds.
  • A one-kilogram bag of rice for 9 pounds.
  • A 650-gram pack of vegetable ghee for 13 pounds.
  • A 350-gram bag of beans for 5 pounds.
  • A 500-gram bag of fava beans for 15 pounds.
  • A 285-gram jar of tomato sauce for 4 pounds.
  • A one-kilogram bag of sugar for 8 pounds


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